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Vega crazed

Stock '74 Kammback

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GTV 4300

Installing a 1997 4.3 liter Vortec V6 and 5-spd T-5 from a 3rd generation Camaro.  Stock, the engine comes with SMPFI , Counter-Rotating Balance Shaft, Crank/Camshaft position sensors, Roller cam and a wide torque band.

Moving back home. Currently car is not finished.  Still have to finish up the GT interior. Looking for a passenger side armrest, anyone have one that looks like this (but passenger side)?


Purchased/Installed equipment

Zexel Torsen Worm Gear differential

Zexel - Torsen Worm Gear Differential
Purchased from
Reider Racing Enterprises
for a very reasonable price

Dr. Gas Exhaust


Spin Trap muffler x2

Exhaust Synchronizing Crossover kit

KYB Ride Control products


Performance Velocity Sensitive Gas shocks

Part #'s 343129 Front and 343132 Rear
Direct, bolt-in REPLACEMENTS for the 71-80 Vega/Monza shocks